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We think ICO projects are an incredible tool of crowdfunding and we know that clarity and transparency is key to presenting a great product to a global audience. Blockchain is known for its transparency; therefore, crypto transactions are transparent with no chances for manipulation. Binance coin is a popular crypto token. However, selling BNB can be challenging. Study the market in detail to buy and sell BNB at the perfect opportunity.

Our goal is to create an environment where project are easily deciphered and understood by the participants in order to empower them to make the best decisions.


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We believe that ICO projects are an incredible tool of crowdfunding and we know that clarity and transparency is key to presenting a great product to a global audience.


There is a current lack of transparency in the ICO market


The current scope of the projects is hard to understand by the regular participants in terms of technology and utility


With our project vetting platform, we will add an additional layer of trust for finding great & innovative AI projects in the crypto market


New projects are coming every day in the crypto market. Our tools help users go beyond the FOMO and provide understanding for the overall technicalities of the projects.


Creating value with community reports and due dilligence in the ICO market

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A $13 Billion Global ICO Market

The report cited Daniel Diemers, the head of Blockchain EMEA at PwC Strategy, who in cooperation with Crypto Valley and four researchers based in New York, Hong Kong, and Zurich, found that ICO activity has actually increased in 2018 despite the 70 percent correction of the cryptocurrency market.

The vast majority of the funds received by 537 token sales in the first and second quarter of 2018 likely came from investors that already held large sums of bitcoin and ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, as to invest in tokens, investors are required to send BTC and ETH to the project operators.

Contrary to the claims of many analysts and investors, token sales demonstrate an endless cycle in the market of fund circulation. While it is true that ICOs eventually dump large amounts of BTC and ETH to the market, those funds are bought again by investors who then fund other ICOs with BTC and ETH. New capital was not injected to new tokens; existing players in the crypto market used their crypto holdings to invest in ICOs.

In 2017 the ICO market had a total funding amount of over $6 billion
In 2018 the ICO market had a total reported funding amount of over $13 billion

Voice Assistant use is set to reach 275 million by 2023

Juniper Research has found that the adoption of voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant will be a key factor behind smart home growth, with 275 million voice assistant devices used to control smart homes by 2023.
This is up from an estimated 25 million in 2018, a growth of 1000%.

Juniper found that the introduction of routines from both Amazon and Google means that voice assistants are now the most convenient way to combine desired actions in the smart home; creating a more cohesive user experience across the smart home ecosystem.

The new research, “Smart Homes: Vendor Analysis, Impact Assessments & Strategic Opportunities 2018-2023” found that Amazon’s loss-leading strategy, with hardware products ties to a comprehensive product and service ecosystem, has established a lead in the smart home.
Juniper predicts that Google will remain a distant second in the space, with the latter’s Nest brand incurring a $621 million loss in 2017. The research highlighted Google’s AI proper, demonstrated by ‘Duplex’ but noted its comparatively poor ecosystem as a negative factor. Furthermore, it claimed that the introduction of a monetised Alexa skills will incentivise smaller vendors to take an Amazon-first approach.

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